Company Info

Two's Company

In 2009 we produced GatYa - a prominent way of life devices brand name that covers everything from tech cases, small leather items, luggage, casual shoes, headwear, and clothing. All made in Italy.

A Gut Feeling

By far, we love producing. We are consumed with every information of every single item - each rivet, ribbon, product, and leather has been sourced, picked and picked by us. Creating together, we care a lot and we mean a LOT about the best balance. We have a quite excellent gut sensation when something is.

With a deep regard for manual workmanship from days passed, we find a great deal of motivation in the past - from traditional Scandinavian furniture to the tiniest security pin, all hand-made with such a flawless information and effort. The information matters. Our motto 'hang on to the great' reveals precisely what we set out to record from the start. Something that remains real to this day.

What We're Made From

We use only the very best products we can find for the job in hand, a strong concentrate on Italian veg tan leather integrated with wool.

We Form Our Tools and Our Tools Form Us

GatYa is flexible without being dull. It's versatile but always stands apart for the best factors. GatYa is a defiant brand name with a calm, positive, saucy method.

We are designers and care as much about the looks as making the item work, though we are not consumed with technical over-functionalities. Our items catch a vintage workmanship whilst being futuristic and fresh. They are abundant and high end with a real down to earth appeal. All GatYa items are unwinded and casual with a real sense of improvement - instantaneous classics.